Elimin Slimming Cream

Active slimming complex through liquid patch.

Developed for top athletes, now available to you!

Increased fat burning DAY & NIGHT

Ideal when you want to lose inches quickly and efficiently

The liquid patch technology maximises the absorption of the active ingredients day and night through the formation of a protective layer on top of your skin. This ensures that the active components do don't crystallise and are being absorbed optimally via the skin.

Lose more inches where YOU want

You can choose where you would like to lose those extra inches by treating the body parts where you would like to reduce fat accumulation.

Silky soft skin without Cellulitis

Delipidol is one of the active components that enables the decrease of cellulitis and shrinking of the fat nodes. Clinical tests indicate a 4% decrease of fat nodes after 28 days of treatment and 9% decrease after 56 days of treatment.

  • Lose inches
  • Local fat burning
  • Anti-Celluite solution
  • Day & Night
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