360 Lipo Therapy

360 Lipo Non-invasive “bodysculpting” to destroy stubborn fat cells in just one or two sessions.

Are there areas of your body with unwanted weight that you just can’t shed, no matter how many gym sessions and diets you do? Then our alternative to liposuction could be just the ticket!

Cryozone 360 Lipo works by freezing the areas you want to be more toned. Our special suction cups apply the freezing temperatures, which break down the fat cells. The residual fatty deposits are absorbed safely by your body. We highlight this – we are stimulating a natural process. In just two weeks, you should be able to see the difference but it can take up to three months to enjoy the full effects.

Each lipo treatment takes around 40 minutes. You may experience a little discomfort but overall it is quite a relaxing procedure. Imagine – no anaesthetic, no painful recovery or bed rest….

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  • No anaesthetic
  • No painful recovery or bed rest
  • Lasting elimination of stubborn fat
  • More affordable than liposuction
  • Pleasant treatment
  • On average, 22% less fat from first treatment
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