What Is cryotherapy

- 85 C

Cryotherapy involves exposure of the human body to extremely cold, dry air for short periods of time. In Cryozone Health’s case, that is usually –85°C

2 - 5 mins

For between two and five minutes individuals or groups of 3 will step into our environmentally-controlled cryochamber

Feel Revitalised

When you emerge, you will have experienced the exhilarating and restorative benefits of extreme cold. These benefits continue to be felt long after clients leave

How can Cryotherapy help you?


Collagen diseases
Acne reduction
Scar reduction
Stretch marks


Rheumatic diseases
Chronic back and joint pain
Anxiety & Depression


Reduce injury inflammation
Enhance recovery time
Natural pain relief
Increase energy level

Weight Loss

Burn calories
Increase energy levels
Refreshed & Invigorated
Boost your metabolism

Our treatments

Whole Body Cryo

Step into our chamber for just three minutes to help reduce muscle pain & increase energy levels.

Recovery Boots

Maximise your recovery with our eight-chambered compression boots. Recover muscles quicker, improve circulation & reduce lactic acid.


Facial therapies to revitalise your skin and smooth away fine lines without invasive procedures.


Non-invasive “bodysculpting” to destroy stubborn fat cells in just one or two sessions.

Our Cryotherapy Chamber - Electric Vs Nitrogen

We are one of only 2 electric whole body cryo chambers in the UK, therefore ensuring you a healthy and safe way to benefit from the positives of cryotherapy

Electric Whole Body Walk-In System

  • 220+ Studies on NIH done in systems
  • Whole Body Cooling
  • Ambient room cooling uniformly
  • Skin temperature measures near the core
  • Fresh Oxygenated air, no gas, whole body
  • Whole Body exposure activates CNS
  • Safety database of 500,000+ treatments with Zero Incidents
  • Multi-person social experiences, clothed
  • Consumer sustainable pricing
  • One company, consistent services nationwide

Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Open Face Sauna

  • Fewer than 5 studies found using nitrogen saunas
  • Partial Body Cooling
  • Forced Air Cooling from the feet up
  • Skin temp measures near the ankle (if at all)
  • Liquid nitrogen exposure, ventilation required, head/chest out
  • Partial body cooling targets lower extremities
  • Forced air burns, respiratory, light headedness, and other concerns reported
  • Single person, private experience culture, near nude
  • Novelty experience, high price points
  • Multiple independent operators, variable services nationwide


I can highly recommend having this therapy, it works for me! I have arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraines among other things and the difference it’s made going in the chamber has been really beneficial, so much so that I have cut down on a lot of my meds. Give it a try you have nothing to loose but will gain lots. The localised treatment also works really well for me after I’ve had a migraine, only wish I could magic myself there when the migraine is in progress, that would be wonderful.

Arthritis & Fibromyalgia - Hilary Nock

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Frequently Asked Questions

After the experience most describe a feeling of euphoria and vitality afterwards. This is because of the release of ‘feel-good’ endorphins and ‘energising’ adrenaline.

A lot of people also report that their pain tolerance increases, and inflammation decreases. Finally, many comment that their complexion glows and their skin feels tighter.

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Cryotherapy is not painful; however, it may be a little bit of a shock to some on their first visit! But, as with most physical treatments, those with pre-existing conditions should consult their doctor before visiting.

Although some cryotherapy centres do use nitrogen, we opted for a fully electrical air-cooled chamber instead. This makes the temperature consistent within the chamber.

Cryotherapy is perfectly safe and is used by thousands across the world. Whether you are in the cryochamber or enjoying a beauty treatment, there will always be an experienced cryotherapy practitioner with you at all times to guide you through the process.

Full body cryotherapy treatments in our chamber only take a few minutes as they are so fast-acting. Facial treatments and LipoFreeze will take longer but it depends on the type of session you are booking. Please call us on 01743 817871 to discuss.

For cryochamber treatments, all you need to bring with you is your gym clothing, i.e. shorts and T-shirt, leggings etc. We provide everything else.

Pregnant women are advised not to have a full body cryotherapy treatment. Localised cryotherapy, however, depending on the area you want treating is fine but you should always consult with your doctor first.

No. Young and elderly can use cryotherapy, however if under 18 you will require parental or adult consent. Our own requirements for best practice are you must be 13 years old.

For cryochamber treatments, all you need to bring with you is your gym clothing, i.e. shorts and T-shirt, leggings etc. We provide everything else.

For localised treatments and lipo freeze, you can come in your normal clothes and we can provide a dressing gown if needed.