Recovery Boots

All athletes have a different training routines and Recovery Boots can adapt to fit your needs. The best results come from using the Recovery Boots after a tough training session or competition, significantly reducing recovery time.

Recovery Boosts aren't just about sports recovery though, they also have a positive effect on Arthritis pain, Restless leg disorder, Oedema & Diabetes.

Our Recovery Boots have Eight-chambered compression, which includes foot compartment with compression at the bottom of the foot for increased circulation. With 6 different programs, you can choose the treatment that is right for you. Massage, Recovery or Lymphatic drainage.


Using the Recovery Boots before training or competition will get blood moving and begin to dilate the vascular system. The effect are similar to a warm-up but done without wasting valuable energy. You can adjust the pressure to personal comfort.


If you are using the Recovery Boots immediately after a workout, we recommend a 30 minutes session. If you use it later or next day then up to 1 hour is recommended.

  • Reduce lactic acid
  • Improve circulation
  • Optimal flushing
  • Recover muscles quicker
  • Eight-chambered sequential compression
  • Speed-up recovery
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