Welcome to Cryozone Health, the first dedicated cryotherapy centre in Shropshire. Based in the county town of Shrewsbury offering a range of treatments to beauty-seekers, athletes, sports teams and individuals looking to improve both lifestyle and wellbeing through the healing benefits of cold therapy!

Cryozone is a family business, established and run by Lee Morgan. Ever since discovering the amazing power of cryotherapy, which is huge in the both the US and Australia and now growing in the UK, we knew that we wanted to bring the experience to a wider audience. From first learning about the various cryotherapy treatments to designing and building our sleek, modern centre, we’ve had a vision every step of the way to provide Shrewsbury with a world class cryotherapy destination.

Cryotherapy has been used for years by sports teams and celebrities alike. The Welsh Rugby Union incorporates cryotherapy into their recovery and training sessions. Cristiano Ronaldo has even bought a private cryotherapy chamber for his home.

Before Cryozone Health, if you were based in the Midlands and wanted to benefit from cryotherapy, the nearest centres were in London (in Harvey Nicholls and Harrods). Not anymore!

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Why Shrewsbury?

We chose Shrewsbury as a base for a number of reasons. As well as its reputation as a place of historical beauty and culture, the town has a wealth of sports teams and health clubs that would benefit from a cryotherapy centre on their doorstep. We look forward to building strong relationships with any local sports teams who wish players to maximise their training through cryotherapy treatment. And with convenient road and rail links, Shrewsbury is well-positioned as a destination for visitors from across the Midlands and Wales.

Our centre contains our fully electric cryochamber, which can accommodate up to three people at a time, two further treatment rooms for localised cryotherapy and lipofreeze treatments, a lounge, showers and individual changing rooms. As the business expands, we hope to work alongside independent physiotherapists, chiropractors and beauty practitioners, to provide a comprehensive health and fitness service.

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Lee Morgan