Cryofacial – look younger, instantly!

At Cryozone Health, we offer a range of services for wellbeing, sports and fat loss, but did you know that we also offer amazing beauty treatments?

All are designed to target the visual signs of ageing, and skin conditions such as eczema and acne. As part of our variety of treatments, we offer our instantly effective cryofacial. Hailed as the non-invasive botox, this facial has instant skin smoothing and brightening effects, and with regular treatments, has long lasting anti-aging benefits.

Just like a typical facial, a cryofacial involves relaxing back in one of our treatment rooms. The facial is non-invasive and pain free, using a hand-held cryotherapy device. Specific products from award    winning Italian brand Dermo28 are used to cleanse and prep the skin prior to treatment, before cryo-air, cooled to around -32℃, is circulated around the face by our trained therapist Beth. 

The whole experience is soothing and rejuvenating, and will leave you and your skin feeling incredibly refreshed. The stream of cold air enhances exfoliation of dead cells on the surface of the skin, exposing the healthy, more radiant skin underneath. The process works to contract the skin, accelerating microcirculation and therefore promoting oxygen rich blood to the dermis and epidermis, which in turn stimulates the production of collagen, the protein that gives your skin its strength and structure.

Unlike with some facials and cosmetic procedures, the cryofacial does not inflame or irritate the skin in any way. You will leave with glowing skin and a decrease in any redness and puffiness, with noticeably tighter pores.

Cryotherapy can help users maintain a youthful appearance, whilst also targeting wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. Repeated treatment has been linked to firmer skin and a visible improvement in skin quality, leaving it perfected and smooth to the touch.

Other benefits of the treatment include acne reduction and acne scar lightening. Fatigued skin is also improved as well as skin texture and tone. Inflamed skin is calmed and pigmentation reduced, and skin conditions such as eczema are significantly improved.

Don’t just take our word for it, our wonderful clients love the lasting benefits of our cryofacials!

Cindy Wilday, Area Director at Go Cars was unsure about the facial at first, but from her very first treatment, realised how effective it was: “The cooling is a lovely feeling and it really feels like it must be boosting the circulation. I have sinusitis and suffer from headaches around the eyes and it felt very welcoming. My skin looks radiant and clear. It’s an addictive facial and obviously has scientific benefits rather than just the usual facial experience.”

Melanie Cleary says: “This facial beauty therapy is incredible for lifting and re-energising my skin’s bounce, meaning my wrinkles lessen and my skin simply looks healthier. I am 55 and this is me on my wedding day in January after  two Cryozone facials – I’m very happy with how I look!”

If you like the sound of our facial, or want any further  information about how it can benefit you, get in touch!

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