3 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Here at Cryozone our aim is to help our clients to improve their general health and wellbeing through a number of different processes. There are ways we can all strengthen & boost our immune system to help prevent future illness. This blog is going to explore 3 immune-boosting treatments that will keep your immune system at its optimal level.

  1. Whole Body Cryotherapy
  2. Infrared Sauna
  3. Lymphatic Drainage (Recovery Boots)

Whole Body Cryotherapy

  1. Increases White Blood Cell Count
  2. Removes Toxins
  3. Increases Blood Circulation
  4. Decreases Cortisol Levels
  5. Boosts Cellular Functions

Increases White Blood Cells – Whole body cryotherapy has been shown to increase the amount of White bloods cells (our body’s main defence against infection), and also elevates anti-inflammatory chemicals within the body which reduce inflammation systemically.

Removes Toxins – As whole body cryotherapy increases blood circulation (see next paragraph) this help the body in the removal of toxins, as an increase in blood flow and efficiency in organs aids the body in being able to flush out toxins and other waste products. 

Increases Blood Circulation – During a whole body cryotherapy session your body goes through a process called vascular constriction, sending all of your blood to the core of your body to protect your vital organs. The heart pumps harder and blood flows faster, circulating through the cardiovascular system becoming enriched in oxygen, good enzymes and nutrients. Once you step out of the cryotherapy chamber, the fresh oxygen-rich blood is delivered around the body to all your outer extremities. The increased blood flow assists in cellular function and organ function which can have a positive impact on the immune system.

Decreases Cortisol Levels – When you are under stress the body releases the hormone Cortisol, higher levels of Cortisol can have negative effects on the body’s systems. Whole body cryotherapy helps to release large amounts of Endorphins, which reduce Cortisol levels, and in turn helps with your body’s immune system. 

Boosts Cellular Functions – In order for your body’s organs to function effectively, you need to have good cell growth. When cells are functioning at their optimum level, all of the body’s systems work at a higher level, whole body cryotherapy aids with this by increasing blood circulation which promotes efficient cell growth.

Infrared Sauna

  1. Improves Circulation
  2. Detoxification
  3. Boosts Immune System

Improves Circulation – Infrared saunas work by causing the body to react similarly to how it would be by moderate exercise, such as increasing heart rate and vigorous sweating. This in turn increases the circulation throughout your body, as well as microcirculation within your arteries. This effect has been known to continue to stimulate blood flow even after you have finished your sauna session. The increase in peripheral circulation reduces inflammation, decreases pain and speeds healing, all important in helping your body to recover.    

Detoxification – Due to the infrared sauna increasing your circulation and stimulating the sweat glands, it allows the body to release any built-up toxins that have accumulated and expel them through your sweat glands. Detoxification is important because it boosts the body’s immune system and aids the body’s biochemical processes to function efficiently. 

Boosts Immune System – Infrared Saunas work by raising you core body temperature, this helps with the immune system as it induces an artificial fever, this is important as fever is the body’s natural mechanism to boost and speed up the immune systems response – this includes an increase in metabolic activity, killing unwanted pathogens and stimulating the release of toxins to be dispelled. 

Lymphatic Drainage (Recovery Boots)

  1. Stimulates the Immune System
  2. Enhances Cellular Health
  3. Flushes Toxins and Waste Products
  4. Aids in Removal of Oedema

Stimulates the Immune System – By increasing the lymphatic flow of your body it allows for the lymphatic system to work at its optimum level. This is important as it is the body’s first line of defence against disease, it transports and filters lymph fluid – which contains your body’s antibodies and lymphocytes, as well as clearing any underlying pathogens. Therefore when the lymphatic system is working at its optimum, the body’s immune system benefits from this.

Enhances Cellular Health – In order for your cells to be at their healthiest they need oxygen. Lymphatic drainage facilitates in cellular oxygenation, therefore keeps the oxygen levels within your body high which reduces the risk of cell death and system failure.

Flushes Toxins and Waste Products – Toxins accumulate within our body via environmental factors and metabolic waste, this can then effect your body’s ability to fight off any illnesses or pathogens. Lymphatic drainage aids your body to flush out these toxins, which in turn helps your body to be healthy and strong. 

Aids In Removal of Oedema – Oedema is swelling under the skin caused by a build-up of fluid within the lymphatic system, this will often cause the skin to indent or pit if pressed. Lymphatic drainage through the recovery boots stimulates the flow of fluid in the lymphatic systems to be flushed out of the lymph nodes, which in turn reduces swelling. 

For further information about any of the treatments above please feel free to send us a message via the contact page